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Our Services

Gulf Energy Consultants provides the following services:

Deal Offerings, Structuring & Execution

Whether you are a looking to buy a company or finding the matching partner for your business, Gulf Energy Consultants is right for you. Through the experience and network of contacts accumulated over the years (in the Middle East, Europe and the US/ Canada), Gulf Energy Consultants is able to source outstanding opportunities and getting quickly in touch with potential acquirers. We make the company fit for the capital markets (as we speak the language of the potential buyer and understand the buyer`s requirements) and structure the transaction as well as prepare the company for an exit.

Investment & Portfolio Management

Clients can use our experience to deliver value creation programs for their investments. Whether it’s a startup or a small to mid cap business, Gulf Energy Consultants can develop and execute the appropriate strategies, set operational and business development objectives and address any areas where value can be created through synergies or other benefits. We follow a very pragmatic and “hands on” approach and work always jointly with the management.

Performance Monitoring & Improvement

Using our proven investment monitoring process and robust reporting framework, we will create annual budgets, milestones and define key performance metrics, provide performance monitoring, analysis and reporting. Rest assured that each investment will be treated as our own, and ensure that all the information is kept strictly confidential.

Risk Management & Restructuring

Risk Management has become more and more a major focus of top notch companies in various areas. Whether it be operational, legal or country risk, with a successful track record we have the right answer to address and manage all of those. Defining an enterprise risk management (ERM) framework and implementing it on every respective working level is a well known task for us.

If your company needs further assistance in turning around your business, we are happy to analyze the various income generating areas, the different cost drivers of your firm as well as the skill set of your work force. With proven techniques and an holistic approach we can help your company to improve its performance.